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Sustaining and Embedding Innovations Good Practice Guide 


This resource is intended to distil lessons learned from various JISC innovation programmes into a "Good Practice Guide for Sustaining and Embedding Innovations". It is intended to support project steering groups and management teams in further and higher education in decision-making in this area and focuses on:


  • Changing people and culture.
  • Working with existing institutional structures to influence organisational change.
  • Embedding or aligning with strategies, processes, systems, initiatives and services.
  • Creating usable tools and resources (as part of project outputs) to meet stakeholder needs.
  • Developing commercial and open approaches to sustaining and embedding innovation.

It is intended that this Guide be a living resource, developed and enhanced by the sector. Visit our page on Cloudworks to contribute.   


The Guide is structured around the following main sections which can be accessed by using the SideBar to the right:



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You can also download a pdf of each page within the wiki.


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